So Many Stories – So Many Outstanding Nurses

We ❤️ Nurses Award Submissions:

We were overwhelmed by the number of nominations we received for our We ❤️Nurses Award… there are SO MANY OUTSTANDING NURSES OUT THERE!  Here are some excerpts from the nominations:

I think by the age of seven she could do a full set of vitals… She knew that her future would involve helping those who struggle on a daily basis with  health issues that effected their daily living… Although she is my daughter she has become one of the most compassionate nurses I have or probably will meet because of her passion for relating with her patients. 

- Nominee: Bryanna, Beaumont, Westboro

About Nominee Lori: Kindred Hospice, Marlboro

Lori doesn’t say no, but rather “How can I help?”  Lori is the kind of nurse I would want for myself or my family member.  Her dedication is exemplary; her clinical skills top notch; her use of self undeniable; and her attitude selfless. Lori rocks!… and I love her for it.…”

About Nominee: Julie: UMass Memorial Health Alliance, Clinton Hospital

“Always a smile very kind manner to coworkers and patients ,always willing to help i never see her upset no matter what comes her way ,always going the extra mile for everyone patients and coworkers alike, genuine to the core i wish i could be more like her…”

“She is always calm with everyone, helps in any situation, and very dependable. She is also a very optimistic person, finding just the right words to bring about a smile or laugh to someone. Carolyn is such an amazing person, and we surely need more people in the world like her.

 – Nominee: Carolyn, formerly Beaumont, Northboro


Many Nurses Received Multiple Nominations from their colleagues:

Carolyn received 6 nominations from her coworkers!

She is the only nurse who goes out of her way to make sure that her aides as well as her patients are taken care of … she is the first one to know when there’s something wrong – and the last one to leave at the end of the day. She is a wonderful mother and sister to her younger brother whom she raises as a son after the untimely passing of her mother. Despite her personal hardships she still comes in every day with a smile and a kind word. She is an inspiration for all nurses and aides alike who aspire to be better in everyway.

- Nominee: Jessica, Notre Dame Long Term Care Center

About Nominee Jennifer: UMass Memorial 

” She will find out what type of music someone likes and put it on her phone for them. The amount of time she spends talking and educating family and patients is unusual in this day of computers.  She is a great co-worker and patient advocate. 

About Nominee: Mindy: UMass Memorial Medical Center

In difficult situations she handles herself well , professionally and is an excellent advocate for her patients. She has shown me and even inspired me to give the best care I can can. She is someone I would want to be my nurse if anything ever happened to me and an even better friend.

Where You Work:

  • Beaumont, Northboro
  • Beaumont, Westboro
  • Brigham and Womens
  • Kindred Hospice, Marlboro
  • UMass Marlboro Hospital
  • Notre Dame Long Term Health
  • UMass Health Alliance, Clinton
  • UMass Memorial
  • Westboro Healthcare
  • Whittier Rehabilitation, Westboro

Congratulations to Kara E. Lewis  – We ❤️ Nurses Award Recipient

Kara E. Lewis, RN, UMass Memorial

Congratulations to We ❤️Nurses Award recipient, Kara E. Lewis.

Kara is an RN in Neurology at UMASS in Worcester and is continuing her nursing education at Anna Maria College in Paxton. She also works (per diem) in Hospice as an RN at Rose Monahan Hospice Home in Worcester.

The We ❤️Nurses Award rewards and celebrates an outstanding nurse whose attitude, dedication, clinical excellence and patient empathy goes above and beyond.

Kara was celebrated with a head-to-toe appreciation package ($700 value) including:

  • A brand new scrub outfit
  • New shoes
  • Littmann Stethoscope
  • Innovations Beauty Salon gift certificate
  • Serenity Nails & Spa gift certificate
  • Orthomed Massage Clinic gift certificate
  • and more! 
“To me, an outstanding nurse is not just smart, but compassionate, kind, caring, sensitive, empathetic, sympathetic, persistent, strong, sincere, honest and resilient.  Kara is all of those things with a splash of wit, humor and humility.”

“Kara is honestly an amazing and beautiful person, inside and out. She is warm and kind and hysterically funny and smart. She has taken ALL of her collective life experiences, good or bad, happy or sad and applies them to her daily life as a Nurse and as a Person. She wears her huge heart on her sleeve, right next to her well deserved, hard earned badge.”

Congratulations and thank you to all of our nominees!

Thank you to our contributors: