Congratulations to Katina Postizzi: 2020 We ❤️ Nurses Award Recipient

Katina is an RN in the cardiac ICU unit at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. She was nominated several times by former patients and colleagues. 

The We ❤️Nurses Award rewards and celebrates an outstanding nurse whose attitude, dedication, clinical excellence and patient empathy goes above and beyond.

Katina was celebrated with a head-to-toe appreciation package ($700 value) including:

  • A brand new scrub outfit
  • New shoes
  • Littmann Stethoscope
  • Innovations Beauty Salon gift certificate
  • Serenity Nails & Spa gift certificate
  • Orthomed Massage Clinic gift certificate
  • and more!

“Katina was exceptional with my grandmother at the end of her life. Katina knew not only how to treat and care for the patient (my grandmother) but was amazing with us as the family. She helped us through a very difficult time.”

” Katina is a compassionate, kind and caring nurse that has been very helpful and kind to me as the new Nurse Manger on her unit. She has exceptional assessment and clinical skills that allow her to deliver safe, effective care promoting the best possible patient outcomes.

Katina works in a specialized Cardiac ICU caring for very ill patients. She answers the families questions, while providing them with support and guidance during a very difficult time.”

Above: Katina with her two children.

So Many Stories – So Many Outstanding Nurses

We ❤️ Nurses Award Submissions:

We were overwhelmed by the number of nominations we received for our second annual We ❤️Nurses Award… there are SO MANY OUTSTANDING NURSES OUT THERE!  Not all nominators were comfortable sharing their stories online and we respect their privacy. We were also happy to read about nursing students who are just starting out. Here are some excerpts from the many nominations we received.

She has been incredibly kind and helpful when my family has been in need. She is also an advocate for many health issues. Her heart and mind is always available to those in need.

Nominee: Kelli Kovill

Norwood Hospital

Nominee: Tammy Wylie
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Tammy goes above and beyond for everyone. She is the rock of our family. She is smart, kind, considerate, empathetic, and the best RN I know. …She gives 100% to every patient. She makes sure not only that they are physically healing, but mentally as well. She makes sure to give all of her patients compassion and dignity. She listens and holds their hands.”

Night nurses are the unsung heroes of a facility. They don’t get the praise they deserve…When I started at the jail a little more than six months ago Amanda was the one I would go to.

She helps out other nurses. She is accountable and reliable all while continuing her nursing education. It takes a special person to be a nurse at a jail, but she does it well…I wouldn’t be the nurse I am without her.

Nominee: Amanda Rivera
Worcester County Jail and House of Corrections 

Nominee: Carol Rousseau
The Reservoir Center for Health and Rehabilitation

I am a CNA and I worked with Carol for 4 years. She is an outstanding Nurse who goes above and beyond for her patients. She is loving, caring, and empathetic. Her patients come first before anything at work. She even goes to the store and buys clothes or anything a patient of hers needs. She has been a Nurse for 33 years and she is in the right profession.

Hanna is a born leader, with so much zest for life and has such a caring spirit! Watching seniors in a nursing home during her clinical hours was almost too much for her, as she wanted to give them each everything they needed, which was a very daunting task. From the love and comfort their family members were not giving, to the diapers she knew they needed when leaving the facility after rehab.

I cannot wait to see how far she goes and the lives she changes, as she is already a superstar to us!

Nominee: Hanna Crossman

Nursing Student, Becker College

Nominee: Diane Vigneau
Clinton Middle School

“This woman has shown love, compassion, and care, to all who come into her sphere of influence, and has never left anyone without a smile. She is also the mother of a fine Marine.“

Kim is a dedicated and skilled nurse who makes all of her patients feel special! She has a positive and upbeat personality each and every day, and her smile and laugh make everyone feel at home.

She cared for my Dad for several years while he was at Beaumont, and when he was transferred from one wing to another Kim came and sought him out during her free time to say hello. She would even come and take him for a walk during her lunch break. She always had a big hug for Dad, and they were such good friends,

Nominee: Kim Kontrimas

Beaumont Skilled Nursing and Rehab, Westboro

Jill is an amazing nurse who helped me apply and go to nursing school 10 years ago. I met her when I was a CNA. She encouraged me to apply and was always there to answer questions and give support.

Our paths crossed again at a new facility where we worked side by side as nurses. She still was the same kind and helpful person that had helped me through school. She treats her residents/patients like family. …her kind and caring heart will always stay with me.

Nominee: Jill Araujo

Quaboag Rehab and Skilled Nursing, West Brookfield

The following nurses received multiple nominations:

Melissa Favreau

Katina Postizzi

Tammy Wylie

Laura is always going above and beyond not only for her patients everyday but her family and friends.

She graduated with my BSN in 2017 and began working as the nursing supervisor on the same subacute rehab unit for a short time. From there she found her love for nursing even more on a Cardiac Telemetry unit at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester.

Nominee: Laura Plant

St. Vincent's Hospital

Congratulations and thank you to all of our nominees!

“She’s a new nurse doing a great job!”

“She is very dedicated and compassionate with a beautiful smile that puts you at ease. She is a very hard worker!”

Nominee: Melissa Favreau
UMass Cardiology ICU 

…Courtney has always lent support in every way during my hospital stays. She has spent her own money to buy my favorite meals and talk with me when I was emotionally struggling. Not only did she show great empathy but also made me laugh, and helped my mother, who spent many nights with me.

Courtney always demonstrated the highest of standards and professionalism but also compassion, support and advocacy for me.She has given so much of herself to my care and wellness every time I have to be in the hospital.

…Courtney has made such a positive impact on me both in my care but also going through cancer a second time. Supporting me when I missed being at college, seeing my friends and just wanting to feel like a normal 20 year old meant the world to me. 

…Courtney is a nurse who goes above and beyond and I want her to know how much I am grateful for her outstanding care, kindness, support, and most of all, her friendship.

Nominee: Courtney Savas

Umass Memorial Oncology

Nominee: Kerry West
Reliant Healthcare

Kerry is always there for her patients. She is a pediatric nurse and had a profound impact on children with life-threatening illnesses. She works in outpatient PCP and is passionate about helping kids and their families live healthier lives.

Jessica provides outstanding care to patients who are sick and injured, but also offers advice and emotional support to patients and their families. Jessica loves helping doctors diagnose patients and follow-up care. She goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for her patients, while keeping a smile on her face.,

Nominee: Jessica Luggude

UMass Memorial Hospital

Where You Work or Study:

  • Beaumont, Westboro
  • Becker College
  • Clinton Middle School
  • Garden Place Healthcare, Attleboro
  • Lowell General
  • Norwood Hospital
  • Quaboag Rehab, West Brookfield
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital
  • UMass Memorial
  • UMass University Campus
  • Worcester County House of Corrections

Thank you to our contributors: