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We were honored to read about ALL of you Outstanding Nurses

The nominations we received for our third annual We ❤️Nurses Award were heartfelt and appreciative of the sacrifices you’ve all made. Spouses wrote about their partners being role models for their children, parents wrote with pride about their adult children, patients and friends wrote about how grateful and impressed they were with your compassion, strength, intellect and professionalism. It’s been a hard year. You are appreciated, respected and loved by your families, friends, patients and colleagues.

Congratulations to Carla LeBlanc: 2021 We ❤️ Nurses Award Recipient

Carla works at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA and received multiple nominations.

The We ❤️Nurses Award rewards and celebrates an outstanding nurse whose attitude, dedication, clinical excellence and patient empathy goes above and beyond.

Carla was celebrated with a head-to-toe appreciation package ($700 value) including:

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“Carla has been so good to us over the years.On her way home from working her shift, she pulled over on the highway because she saw someone needing help. Carla did chest compressions and revived a young woman who previoulsy had no pulse. She kept her alive until first repsonders came on the scene. She is a great nurse in the hospital and out. “

” Last week we came upon a young lady that had overdosed on the side of the road, my wife jumped right out and gave her CPR with no worries for her own safety and kept this young woman stable until first responders arrived. She is simply amazing and an absolute angel.”

Nominees for the 2021 Scrubs with Style We ❤️Nurses Award:

Morgan Allen
Jane Bently
Adam Carey*
Kathleen Colburn
Kyla Collins
Mary Ellen Duggan
Kim English
Melanie Falck
Melissa Favreau*
Maggie Feather


* multiple nominations

Kelley Fluet
Karen Arsenault Fossile
Caitlin Geary
Karrina Goff
James Herron
Samantha Keville
Megan Krushinski
Courtney Lamb
Carla LeBlanc*
Kara Lewis
Allison MacMillan

Hillary Mailly
Ashley Mercado
Eileen Black Morkunas
Esther Mwangi
Jennifer Nguyen
Krystal O’Leary
Pamela O’Rourke
Kelly Pero
Kim Perry*
Marie Ritacco
Caroline Hamlin Rodriguez

Carol Rousseau
Tracy Rowe
All School Nurses from Northborough and Southborough
Christine Taylor
Adriana Testa*
Michelle Theofane
Kayla Troio
Connie Byrnes Walders
Simon Waweru
Joanne Wear

Enjoy a partial listing of excerpts from the many submitted nominations:

…Pam will leave her shift and go to our mom’s house, who is in 24-hour care and check and care for her…She also visits and helps her sister who is in a skilled nursing facility for a brain injury. There are numerous calls all the time to doctors and insurance for both of them. She also is always available for advice to loved ones and friends when there is a medical issue. I know because she has helped me and I am her sister. Pam is a strong girl with a heart of gold and along with all nurses. I appreciate her compassion. Pam has taught me to take one day at a time. especially during this last year.

Nominee: Pamela O'Rourke

UMASS Memorial ER

Nominee: Tracey Rowe
Marlboro Public Schools

Tracy is a born leader. She is a nurse at an elementary school of approximately 700 children. …Tracy handles all of the Covid communication between the schools and the Board of Health, and works long hours with administration to assist in all of the health protocols for our district.

Karinna is an OR nurse who during the heat of the pandemic was put on the Covid floor to help with patients she never complained and help those patients with a heart full of love.

Nominee: Karrina Goff

Nominee: Adam Carey
Milford Hospital

Adam has been an oncology nurse for several years and when covid hit last March his floor was turned into a covid wing. He works overnight and has been compassionate, patient, caring and loving to each and every patient in his care. He loves being a caregiver and is currently enrolled in a nurse practitioner program…No drama, no judgement, no whining…Adam accepts his patients, provides excellent care, and soldiers on. Always positive, compassionate and just so eager to care for all in a competent way.

She is the most caring person I have ever met. If anyone was meant to be a nurse, it was Sam!”

Nominee: Samantha Keville

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital

My wife, Kim is a home care RN nurse. She visits her patients every day, sun, rain or snow. Her schedule keeps her busy 5 days a week, plus weekends and “on call” on a regular basis. COVID-19 or not, she is there to service and care for her patients. She is my hero.

Nominee: Kim English

Home Healthcare Nurse

She is a strong women and nurse, not only just throughout this past year during the covid pandemic, but through her entire nursing career. Her co-workers trust her and her patients always feel safe knowing when she is on shift. She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known, and would be hard pressed to find anyone more deserving of this recognition.

Nominee: Maggie Feather
Whittier Rehabiliation Hospital

Nominee: Kelly Pero
Saint Vincent Hospital ER

The hard work long hours and dedication to her coworkers in the ER and patients these past 10 months has been unwavering. She has been just as present in her family’s day to day life keeping us running. Never a complaint and always there to lend a hand. Such an amazing role model to her children.

“I worked with a really incredible nurse Meghan Krushinski. … She primarily cared for the elderly during the pandemic, and she went into that facility, gave it her 100%  She carries on each and everyday with a sense of humor and positive outlook despite all the lives that were lost right in front of her. Even after a traumatic event she worked hard to boost her coworkers moral with acts of kindness.”

Nominee: Meghan Krushinski

Salmon Healthcare

“…she is the epitome of a professional, caring nurse. She treats each patient with compassion and dedication…She is very attentive to detail and following proper procedures. She handles the daily pressures of being a floor nurse with dignity and poise.

She is also a wonderful team player and informal leader on the floor. Her willing and pleasant attitude makes her very approachable to ask for assistance.

Chris is also a gifted mentor to new nurses. … She leads by example.

I have often thought, “This girl was made to be a nurse!!” I am grateful she has been an integral part of my own nursing career. I have learned quite a bit from her and continue to do so.”

Nominee: Christine Taylor

UMASS Memorial

My mom has worked with Covid patients for the past 10 months..working long 12 hour night shifts while having a busy family at home who also need her. This virus has disrupted my senior year of high school, graduation and my freshman year of college. My mom has done her best to make everything as special as she can. I truly appreciate her hard work for her patients and the community. Her family recognizes her efforts.”

Nominee: Kim Perry

UMASS Memorial

Congratulations and thank you to all of our nominees!

Melissa worked hard to become a nurse. She started working and COVID hit. Her caring and gentle touch has made her a patient favorite. She says her coworkers send her to the difficult patients because she is the “nice one”…she spreads joy to people with her beautiful smile and loving heart. I am a very proud Mom.

Nominee: Melissa Favreau

UMASS Medical

During this entire pandemic, Krystal felt compelled to tirelessly care for her patients with empathy and compassion while understanding the risk as a mother to three young children! She is an incredible role model to all.

Nominee: Krystal O’Leary
Saint Vincent Hospital CCU

Jennifer is an amazing professional who demonstrates expertise, respect and empathy every day…She is a great team player, a mentor, is highly reliable and is well respected by her fellow staff members, surgeons & anesthesia staff… Jen performs her nursing skills with ease and comes to work with a smile everyday. She is an incredible role model and a Superstar in the Operating Room and at home with her family!”

Nominee: Jennifer Nguyen

UMASS Memorial OR

Nominee: Mary Ellen Duggan
District Wellness Coordinator, Northborough/Southborough School District

Mary Ellen is an incredible human being. She has been in the forefront of the Covid 19 pandemic, spending endless time and effort to make sure all students and staff in the district remains safe and healthy… She has been amazing in calming fears, helping to set safety guidelines and lend support to whomever needs it. As a nurse in the district I can’t imagine anyone else leading us through this.

Not only is this nurse my coworker but she is a hard-working motivated intelligent and kind hearted. The level of care she gives to every single person and gives 100% without question.”

Nominee: Morgan Allen

UMass Dialysis and ICU

Ashley works tirelessly hard as a nurse as well as a nurse supervisor everyday! She is kind and caring with her patients, their families as well as with her coworkers, staff and the doctors. She has worked throughout all of COVID supporting the patients as well other staff members at the practice. Ashley is everyone’s go to person for questions and concerns and she is innovative and creative with solutions to any issues that may arise.”

Nominee: Ashley Mercado
Pediatric Associates of Medford

“She’s the most caring person and down to earth person I know…She would give up everything to care for her loved ones and her patients.”

Nominee: Amanda Testa

UMASS Memorial

Nominee: Jane Bently
St. Elizabeth’s

Jane has always been very caring and always puts patient safety first… It’s the little things that can make a patient feel truly cared for.

Thank you to our contributors: