Thank You for Participating in Our Nurses Week Celebration!

 We have give-aways all the time. 

We appreciate you and all that you are doing to keep us safe!

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May 12 FREE SCRUB recipients:
Julianne Mary, Kara Elizabeth, Megan Laclair, Edna Braun Fine, Nicole Rebecca, Vera Carvalho, Donna McCloskey, Brenda Lynn, Jess Hurwitz, Maryann Naumann

May 7 FREE SCRUB recipients:
Shelley Maroney-Striker, Nadine Zona, Pri Thorat, Annette Butler, Michelle Adams, Caty Lazo, Maggie Feather, Brittany Nation, Carolyn Hussey, Sharon Gravlin, Rebecca Lussier

Thank You to our vendors: Barco – Grey’s Anatomy, Healing Hands, WonderWink, Vera Bradley, Skechers, Prestige Medical

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