Would you like us to visit your workplace? Scrubs with Style Pop-Up Store and Group Sales

At Scrubs with Style we know that your time is valuable. So, we’ll create a pop-up uniform shop at your workplace. We stay throughout the day making it very easy for you to shop before work, after work or in between. If you have a dress code we will only bring specific items, unless a request is made to us in advance.

We carry all of your favorite brands and have a great selection of sizes and colors for women and men. Our footwear and accessory lines are also very strong. We pride ourselves on appearance and presentation.

Interested in a Scrubs with Style Pop-Up Store at your workplace? Call Jackie at: 508.614.0379 or email: scrubswithstyle@gmail.com

Group Sales

Does your school or office require a specified uniform or dress code? If so Scrubs with Style is here to help with all of your uniform needs. SWS is here to make your group sale as convenient as possible.

SWS offers On-Site Services:

  • We come to you at a time and date set in advance
  • We size each employee or student, etc. for the perfect fit
  • We put together a variety of styles to preview once we know your uniform needs
  • We offer custom embroidery and screen printing for a custom look
  • We offer a volume discount
  • We deliver the product to your facility once the order is complete
  • SWS is here to make this process as convenient as possible with satisfaction guaranteed.

Please call us 508.393.3058 for more information.

Interested in a Pop-Up Store at your site?

Call Jackie at: 508.614.0379

Our store location has closed.